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Train to teach

You have a variety of options if you want to train to teach in North Yorkshire. School-led training programmes are available which offer hands on training in a local school from the start. Alternatively, university-led programmes are also available, which include placements in local schools too.

Get Into Teaching

Information about different types of training course, eligibility and funding options is provided at the government Get Into Teaching website.

You can also find useful information about eligibility and the application process at the UCAS *[UCAS]: Universities and Colleges Admissions Service website.

See this Get Into Teaching video where trainee teachers explain how and why they got into teaching:

How to apply

You apply for all teacher training courses in our area through the UCAS website. Enter the name of your preferred training provider to find out what courses they are offering.

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Initial Teacher Training Providers

Want to learn to how to teach… with first-hand experience in the workplace with the children and young people in North Yorkshire?

Whether you're a new graduate, in your final year of university or considering a change of career, teacher training alliances can offer you a high-quality school-based initial teacher training course, encompassing a PGCE *[PGCE]: Postgraduate Certificate of Education from an accredited partner university, could provide you with the best start to your career in teaching in North Yorkshire.

Teaching Alliances on the North Yorkshire Coast are:

Alternatively, you can learn how to teach directly with the local universities who offer teacher training courses working with North Yorkshire schools:

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Are you considering training to teach but are unsure which learning pathway is right for you?

If you are considering teaching but have no education experience, The Council's Adult Learning and Skills Service provide a free course, Introduction to Working in Schools and Colleges. This course is designed to prepare you to undertake further training and learning in education and investigate the various options available to acquire a teaching qualification.  

The course is available at two locations: