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Life on the Yorkshire Coast

Discover the extended value of your salary in North Yorkshire, where teachers enjoy a standard of living unmatched in many parts of the country.

In addition to the prominent towns, North Yorkshire is adorned with numerous smaller settlements and villages, offering an affordable lifestyle in a captivating environment.

For those with a passion for the outdoors, North Yorkshire boasts an extensive coastline and the edge of the nationally acclaimed North York Moors, providing abundant opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Notably, Dalby Forest stands out as one of England's premier mountain biking venues.

Immerse yourself in the arts and live music scene, with two theatres in Scarborough, Harrogate, and York. The outdoor events attract diverse artists, from the Kaiser Chiefs to the Beach Boys. Choose from the lively atmosphere of Scarborough and Whitby's bars and pubs or explore the numerous country inns and restaurants in rural villages for memorable nights out. As a sought-after tourist destination, North Yorkshire offers boutique hotels and award-winning restaurants for special occasions.

For partners and families, North Yorkshire presents a growing local economy with positive career opportunities, particularly in the engineering, construction, IT, and health and social care sectors. The Woodsmith Mine project is expected to bring significant job growth, and the county sees investment in tourism, health, and housing sectors.

Key manufacturing, public sector, and hospitality and tourism employers contribute to the thriving job market in North Yorkshire, with areas like Harrogate, Richmond, Selby, and Malton consistently ranking among the UK's best places to live.

Experience the safety of England's safest county, with exceptionally low crime rates according to the Office for National Statistics. Enjoy excellent access to the county via road and rail links, including the east coast mainline, A1(M), and A19. Commute easily to Leeds, York, Newcastle, Durham, Teesside, and reach London and Edinburgh within a two-hour train journey.

North Yorkshire's charm extends from vibrant cities to picturesque villages, rolling countryside, and a majestic coastline. The county provides excellent employment opportunities, with a higher proportion of schools rated as good or outstanding compared to national figures.

Explore the unparalleled offerings of North Yorkshire on the "No Place Like North Yorkshire" website. Watch our informative video to gain deeper insights into the county's charm and working life in Scarborough, Richmond, and Northallerton. Discover why North Yorkshire remains a preferred destination for those seeking a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Opportunities for partners and families: a growing local economy

If you are relocating with a partner and family, they’ll find a strengthening local economy with positive career opportunities from the significant job growth expected in coming years.

Expansion is expected particularly in the engineering, construction, IT and health and social care sectors. The Woodsmith Mine is a giant fertilizer development project owned by global resources firm Anglo American, the £2.3 billion project involving mining Minerals (developing multi-nutrient fertiliser) is expected to bring 1,000 direct jobs and a further 2,000 in the supply chain. The tourism, health and housing sectors are all also experiencing investment.

Key companies, organisations and employers

There are several large manufacturing companies operating in the North East, as well as many smaller firms. The public sector is also well established here, with The Council being one of the largest employers in the area. Tourism is also a key sector in the area, with people visiting from all over the world to experience both the east coast and moors areas.

Access and transport on the North Yorkshire Coast

Here on the North Yorkshire Coast, we are connected to all major services with access to reliable and modern transport options to suit you.