The NY Highways Apprentice Programme

What would life be like in a profession where you are at the centre of operating, maintaining and improving one of the most advanced road networks in North Yorkshire?

You might just be about to find out! Do you want to help keep the County of North Yorkshire moving? Whatever your age, whatever your background, an apprenticeship could help you build a career with us.

Take on a fulfilling role, earn a salary, gain practical work experience with training and achieve professional qualifications - all at the same time. You have the opportunity to build your future career with NY Highways in our Fleet, Operative and Street Lighting divisions.

We believe in supporting our community and promoting the future generation to grow with transferable skills and qualifications. We believe and invest in our team by rewarding our apprentices with a national living wage, not the minimum.

NY Highways has formed a bold apprenticeship plan to include:

  • Setting ambitious minimum targets for apprentices in our first year,
  • Paying a living wage, not minimum wage, to show we are investing in our talent setting the foundations for a career with NY Highways,
  • Promoting career grades where possible, so there‚Äôs no obvious ceiling to a new entrant,
  • Investing in the best training, demonstrably rewarding development that engages the individual in real life exercises transferable to day-to-day NY Highways activity,
  • Learning best practice from those such as the Fire Service in how best to promote equality in a physically demanding position,
  • Learning from existing and progressing apprentices in how best to engage, nurture and foster trust so that we retain our apprentices.

Apprentice roles available

We have now closed applications for Apprentices for 2023

Our Current Opportunities

NY Highways, 2022

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