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Refugees North Yorkshire

Resettlement Schemes in North Yorkshire

This webpage has been set up for North Yorkshire employers, to support them to match their employment opportunities with the skills of refugees in the County who are seeking work. Employers bordering the County of North Yorkshire may also find it of benefit. The overall aim is to increase employment of refugees in North Yorkshire, whilst also helping local employers to fill vacant roles.

The Refugee Employability Project was set up to assist with the resettlement of Syrian refugees in North Yorkshire and all new arrivals are now supported under the United Kingdom Resettlement Scheme (UKRS). More information on the scheme can be found here Resettlement (

In addition, the Council now support circa 28 Afghan families in the County. The Afghan families are being supported through either the Afghan Relocations & Assistance Policy (ARAP) or, the Afghan Citizens Relocation Scheme (ACRS). Further information can be found here;

Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy: further information on eligibility criteria, offer details and how to apply - GOV.UK (

Afghan citizens resettlement scheme - GOV.UK (

These resettlement scheme are funded by the Home Office. The Council oversees the resettlement programme locally and works with a range of organisations to put in place service provision aimed at ensuring that the refugees can lead independent lives once in North Yorkshire.

The Refugee Employability Project in North Yorkshire is led by experienced careers professionals who work in the Resourcing Solutions Team at the Council. The primary aim of the Employability Advisers is to support Syrians (UKRS), and Afghans (ARAP/ACRS), into meaningful and sustainable employment and, through this, help them move towards full integration and independence. This also includes the provision of relevant training to validate existing skills and also to provide additional skills and training.

We would stress that all Refugees who are supported under these projects have the right to work in the UK and this can be validated through the new ‘Share Code’ process on the GOV.UK website:

Prove your right to work to an employer - GOV.UK (

View a job applicant's right to work details - GOV.UK (

Why employ refugees?

There are a wide variety of reasons why you, as an employer, might consider employing refugees. Some of these are;

  • To diversify your workforce
  • Access new talent and skilled, dedicated workers
  • Increase workforce communication
  • Address skill or staffing shortages within your organisation
  • Support an individual to re-build their life in North Yorkshire

Below you will find ‘drop-downs’ for each of the areas within North Yorkshire where we are currently supporting either Syrian or Afghan refugees, or both. Each contain a list of individuals who are currently seeking work together with a brief description of their qualifications, skills and experience.

If you think one of these refugees may be able to fill one of your vacancies, or you are interested in offering work experience, then please contact one of the Advisers named below:

Julie Tasker, Employability Advisor, 07967380499

Additional information about Refugees can be found on the websites of our 2 main partners in the projects. They are the Refugee Council and Migration Yorkshire. Links to their sites are below: