While conducting any type of recruitment, it is very important to have a clearly defined timetable to work to. This will ensure that the recruitment goes to plan. It will also ensure that all candidates have a positive experience of your school, even if they aren’t successful.

The recruitment timetable should be approached in a logical manner, with specific events happening at designated times as shown below.

Week 1

  • An agreed advert should be posted with a set closing date, usually two weeks from the date of posting.
  • Carefully consider the key resignation periods to ensure you are in a position to secure your new appointment within the resignation window.
  • Receive applications and review against the specifications outlined in the recruitment pack. This will aid the shortlisting process on the closing date.

Week 2

  • Continue to receive and review the applications against the specifications outlined in the recruitment pack.
  • Close the role on the set date.
  • Agree the final shortlist and invite the successful candidates to interview. Do this in a written or emailed format, ensuring that all specifics for the day are outlined, i.e. lessons that need to be taught, presentations that need to be done, etc.

Week 3

  • Contact successful candidates via phone and congratulate them. This will continue to portray your school in a positive light.
  • Send out invites for interview to the shortlist and confirm their attendance. Ensure that this happens no later than 72 hours from the closing date.
  • Should any candidates drop out, refer to the shortlist again and refill with suitable candidates.
  • Ensure that references for all the shortlisted candidates are requested.
  • Inform all the unsuccessful candidates and wherever possible, provide feedback. This will aid in their own personal development and also support a positive image of your school.

Week 4

  • Conduct the interview process and review the results. Once a successful candidate has been selected, contact them and make a verbal offer.
  • Once the successful candidate has accepted, contact the unsuccessful candidates. Again, give feedback to them to aid their personal development and reinforce their experience of your school.
  • Start the clearance procedure in lines with legislation.
  • Start the onboarding process, to ensure that the new staff member continues to have a positive experience of their new school and transitions smoothly onto your staff.

All of the above is set within a four-week cycle, but this does not need to be over that exact length of time. It could be longer if you wish, however, trying to make it shorter might be a struggle.

If you have any questions about the recruitment timetable, please contact us for guidance.

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