York and North Yorkshire Combined Authority

City Region and Rural Powerhouse

Chief Executive – £124,656

This is a very exciting time for York and North Yorkshire - we are at a pivotal point in our history.

In April 2023 the eight councils that served North Yorkshire unified to create geographically the largest council and third largest unitary within the country. York is at the heart of North Yorkshire and both City of York Council and the new North Yorkshire Council will play a key role in our journey towards devolution.

We are now at the next stage in that journey – on 22 January 2024 the York and North Yorkshire Combined Authority (“the Combined Authority”) was formed by Parliament and will be responsible for overseeing devolved decision-making powers and harnessing millions of pounds of funding for both York and North Yorkshire. The devolution plans will bring significant benefits to our 815,000 residents and more than 32,000 businesses across York and North Yorkshire, including new jobs, more affordable housing and measures to tackle climate change.

The new Mayor of the Combined Authority will be elected on 2 May 2024 and will be looking to forge ahead with a brand new talented leadership team at the start of what is going to be an incredibly exciting time for the region. This is where you come in – as a founding member of the Combined Authority Management Board, the Chief Executive will work closely with the Mayor and many other influential leaders both locally and nationally, to help bring about significant change and make sure the region fully capitalises on all that devolution can offer.

As Chief Executive you will already be a successful and influential leader – you will make the partnership that is the basis of the Combined Authority work and maximise the opportunities this affords us. Working with City of York Council, North Yorkshire Council, and the newly elected Mayor you will help shape and be responsible for the delivery of the Combined Authority’s priorities, the corporate and business objectives. It will be vital to engage effectively with a wide range of partners, using considerable skill and acumen to work with other authorities, central government, commercial partners, statutory agencies, residents and local businesses to ensure that everyone involved in the Combined Authority has a shared purpose and common goals.

Chief Executive North Yorkshire Job

MCA York and North Yorkshire Combined Authority

Once in post, the Chief Executive will be charged with delivering the objectives of the Combined Authority, so experience in designing the structure and subsequent recruitment of a talented team of individuals with the vision and ambition to work alongside you will be instrumental to success. This really is a fantastic opportunity to play a vital role in this next phase in the North Yorkshire success story at a critical moment in its’ history. Opportunities to spearhead a brand new organisation, make your mark and leave a legacy will not come much better than this.

The Combined Authority and what the future might hold

Home - Mayoral Combined Authority (yorknorthyorks-ca.gov.uk)

The Combined Authority will work in close partnership with North Yorkshire Council and, City of York Council to champion the North Yorkshire and York regions and help ensure prosperous and attractive places to work and live, and that we are seen as places where it is easy to do business. It will assume responsibility for providing some services which were previously held by central government so as to directly benefit the people of North Yorkshire as a whole – for example, taking ownership of transport, infrastructure, skills, business investment, housing, culture and tourism. Making local decisions to support local people and drive economic growth.

The Combined Authority will place local investment and economic success right at the heart of its’ activity, championing our region and fostering cohesive working relationships to ensure we get a fair share of money through devolution deals and a bigger voice to attract even more investment. It will also ensure that York and North Yorkshire is a safe and inclusive place to live, that communities are well connected with each other and that everybody has a voice which is heard. Affordable housing, environmentally-friendly businesses and support for issues like arts and culture will all feature as a fundamental part of the agenda.

The Combined Authority represents the interests of local communities and ensure the Police and Fire & Rescue services are delivering the best possible service to them by maintaining an efficient and effective Police Service and Fire & Rescue Service for the area. Including;

  • setting the Services’ budgets and determining the police and fire precepts, and issuing the Police and Crime Plan, Fire & Rescue Plan and Risk & Resource Model for North Yorkshire;
  • commission policing & crime services and fire & rescue services, alongside convening work with other agencies and partners to improve overall public safety.
  • work with partners to enhance the delivery of criminal justice in the area.

The Combined Authority will be the employer of the Chief Fire Officer, all Fire & Rescue staff and the staff of what was the Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner and will be responsible for developing and maintaining a workforce that is professional, resilient, skilled, flexible and diverse.

To Sum Up

The challenges are significant, but the rewards are too – here is a role which will be instrumental in shaping the future of the Combined Authority; an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy. In return you will be welcomed by dedicated and supportive colleagues who appreciate everything York and North Yorkshire has to offer and who want to do their very best for the region. Make your future, our future.

Please feel free to contact colleagues in the Resourcing Solution Team, who will be delighted to discuss this opportunity with those who might wish to learn a little more.

About the role

MCA York and North Yorkshire Combined Authority

The role: Chief Executive

Salary:  £124,656
Location: York, Northallerton and Harrogate; Hybrid

Externally you will act as an advocate for the Combined Authority at local, regional, and national level, developing and enhancing its’ reputation and influence, building partnerships and enabling the Combined Authority to be a leader in the field.

Your Responsibilities

As Chief Executive responsibilities of the role extend to the delivery across a range of strategic areas, including,

  • Investment, business growth, local industry strategy which has inclusive growth as a driver
  • Driving York and North Yorkshire to a green economic growth towards becoming a carbon negative region
  • Lead the strategic approach to an improved integrated transport network that meets the needs of the region, including the delivery of a strategic transport plan and strategic infrastructure assessment management plan
  • Lead on the delivery of affordable, low carbon homes on brownfield sites
  • Integration of the Office Police Fire and Crime service
  • Integration of the Fire Service
  • Management of the devolved Adult Education services from the two Authorities

What will you bring to the role?

We are looking for an astute and experienced strategic leader with significant experience of managing others, who can also act as an external ambassador for the Combined Authority. We are looking for a combination of the following key skills:

  • Demonstrable and significant leadership and senior management experience in a large complex public, private or voluntary sector organisation.
  • Strong commercial skills, business acumen and experience of operating in a business development role with financial and risk management skills
  • Proven track record of leading the delivery of innovation and change across substantive programmes.
  • Highly developed technical, professional and legislative knowledge and understanding of national and local policies, funding, commissioning frameworks, statutory financial and employment requirements, relevant frameworks and accountabilities that will impact on the Combined Authority.
  • Understanding of the context of public/private investment partnerships and its potential to transform how Combined Authority’s work
  • Influencing, persuasion and negotiation skills with the ability to relate to and communicate with people at all levels within the Combined Authority and externally, including the media, partners, government and other outside agencies.
  • Able to influence and shape policy, key decisions and in other key areas across the region and nationally with key stakeholders, central and local government.
  • Determine and maintain the pace of change and deliver improved services within a pressurised and challenging financial context.
  • Have the ability to work effectively with others with a focus on delivery and promoting collaborative working to harness support for the work of the Combined Authority.
  • Substantial track record of giving advice to and building relationships at senior levels with Elected Members and/or Board Members.
  • Experience of building organisational effectiveness and creativity.


  • Strategic vision and focus on delivery with the ability to set and achieve challenging objectives and targets.
  • Have visible leadership skills with the ability to inspire and motivate others that enables them to achieve their potential and make a difference. In a partnership context demonstrate leadership to ensure the delivery of effective cross-organisational outcomes.
  • Collaborative and enabling management style, strong partnership skills and an understand of and belief in the devolution agenda as it affects local government
  • Display and promote commercial/business awareness and the ability to gain and sustain community/customer confidence.
  • Demonstrate political awareness, work effectively within a political environment and provide sensitive, clear professional advice to Members.
  • Demonstrate drive and be capable of taking a leading role in initiating action and ensuring effective delivery.
  • Demonstrate probity, integrity and ethics.
  • Able to think strategically and to analyse financial and complex policy issues within a political environment utilising an evidence-based approach to understand the issues and work cooperatively to meet the needs of the organisation
  • Ability to work the hours that are reasonable and necessary to fulfil the requirements of the role.

What will you gain in return?

By joining the Combined Authority at such a pivotal time, this is a unique opportunity.

York sits within North Yorkshire as a County and together they combine the best of the traditional and the modern and  are widely regarded as one of the best places to live in the UK. York and North Yorkshire are great places to live, work and do business.

North Yorkshire is a county which already has firm foundations – a strong culture and identity which is rich in heritage; thriving communities where the people and places are resilient and innovative; beautiful scenery with stunning landscapes, quaint villages, market and coastal towns; plus the vibrant city of York which is renowned for its’ history and cosmopolitan culture.

This is an historic moment and the first powerful step towards long term change. Devolution will unlock a better future for everyone in York and North Yorkshire. It will lead to more, higher paid jobs and access to training which provide the opportunity to build a career locally and better transport and digital connections to enable this to happen.  The Chief Executive will play a key role in helping to spearhead this next phase in the York and North Yorkshire success story at a critical moment in its’ history. Opportunities to make your mark and leave a legacy will not come much better than this.

This role will operate on a hybrid basis from home in addition to working across York and North Yorkshire.  The Combined Authority operates from administrative offices in York, Northallerton and Harrogate and the postholder will be required to attend these offices for in person meetings and partnership working as needed for the role and service.

About the Combined Authority

About the Combined Authority

In January 2024, the Secretary of State signed off the decision made in Parliament and local leaders subsequently met to formalise the creation of the York and North Yorkshire Combined Authority.

The York and North Yorkshire Combined Authority is not a council – it works in partnership with North Yorkshire Council and City of York Council,  all working together, with the Mayor, to understand how investments need to made across the region to improve on issues such as transport, housing and economic growth. The functions of the Office of Police, Fire and Crime and the Fire Service transfer to the Combined Authority with the election of the Mayor in May and the former Local Enterprise Partnership has already been integrated into the Combined Authority.

Elections for the York and North Yorkshire Mayor will be held on 2nd May 2024.

About Devolution

About Devolution

How devolution works

Over the last 10 years, the government has progressed a number of individually agreed ‘devolution deals’ in other English sub-regions, to transfer funding on specific policy areas, along with appropriate powers to partnerships of local authorities, known as ‘Combined Authorities’. These deals typically last for 30 years and can bring in significant local investment.

Areas that are seeking devolution must become part of a joint body - a ‘Combined Authority’ and have a regional directly elected mayor who will work with councils through the Combined Authority to use the powers and resources gained through any deal. The elected mayor has access to devolved powers and resources and acts as an individual to unite and work across the region. The elected mayor can be held to account for decisions made on a regional level.

Devolution is primarily about strengthening regional arrangements, with greater democratic accountability and powers to take decisions which are currently made in London.

What does devolution mean for York and North Yorkshire

The devolution deal delivers more local powers and decision making and additional funding. The planned 30-year agreement includes an investment fund of more than £540 million for York and North Yorkshire. Coupled with other funding secured from the government, the deal represents a total of £750 million.

The deal for York and North Yorkshire sees the introduction of an influential mayor who would become a figurehead for the region covering more than 800,000 people and 32,000  businesses and will forge close links with the government for better control at a local level. The new mayor will lead the combined authority and oversee strategic projects ranging from major transport improvements and boosting skills and education to providing more affordable housing.

This is an historic moment and the first powerful step towards long term change. Devolution will unlock a better future for everyone in York and North Yorkshire. It will lead to more higher paid jobs and access to training which provide the opportunity to build a career locally and better transport and digital connections to enable this to happen.

An elected mayor for York and North Yorkshire will be tasked with:

  • Take on new local powers for issues such as transport, housing and skills
  • Lead on delivering projects such as more affordable housing, environmentally-friendly business and support for issues like arts and culture
  • Champion our region nationally, making sure we get a fairer share of money and a bigger voice to attract even more investment

The devolution deal includes:

  • £18 million per year in Gainshare funding over 30 years to invest in local priorities
  • £13 million for the building of new homes on brownfield land across 2023/24 and 2024/25
  • Up to £2.65 million to deliver affordable, low carbon homes across the area
  • Up to £50m investment for the York Central brownfield regeneration scheme
  • £7 million investment to enable York and North Yorkshire to drive green economic growth towards the ambition to become a carbon negative region
  • Closer relationships with key government departments to drive investment in digital broadband and mobile infrastructure
  • Boost regional innovation through better collaboration on projects such as the Scarborough Cyber-Cluster and the BioYorkshire programme
  • New powers from government to drive regeneration and build more affordable homes
  • New transport powers to improve and integrate the regional transport network
  • Integration of the former York and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership functions
  • Integration of the Police, Fire & Crime Functions


Key documents

About York and North Yorkshire

Living and working in York

We are proud of York’s status as one of the safest and best cities to live in the UK, engaging our 202,000 residents and 7 million visitors to live healthier, happier independent lives.

We are a vibrant, digital city at the heart of Yorkshire - the best of tradition and the modern. With excellent connectivity by road and rail, the neighbouring towns and cities of Leeds, Hull and Harrogate are in easy reach. National Parks and areas of areas outstanding natural beauty are on our doorstep, with their quaint villages and market towns, whilst the Yorkshire coast provides a retreat ideal for sunny days.

We are known for our considerable assets – we have our internationally important heritage, with strong creative industries and a significant cultural offering. We have strengths as a science city, and our digital infrastructure recognises us as the UK’s first Gigabit City. We have a young and highly skilled workforce, and lay claim to world-leading universities and some of the highest performing schools and colleges in the country.

We are ambitious and aim to be a prosperous city for all - where local businesses can thrive and residents have good quality jobs, housing, opportunities and access to quality public services. We celebrate and champion the diversity of our population and encourage everyone to play an active role in the city, so that our vibrant economy and rich communities can make York the acclaimed city it is. We are one of the safest cities in the country and offer some of best available education.

A city of Sanctuary and Human Rights, our community is truly multicultural and diverse.  We are the first city in the North of England to set the aspiration to make our city an anti- racist and inclusive one. We are committed to tackling discrimination in all aspects of services that the Council delivers, including public health, in order to have an impact and bring about positive change to our residents.

Our thriving retail and visitor economy welcomes millions of visitors every year. We have been recognised as the ‘foodie centre of the universe’ and our Christmas market is the best in the UK. Our many awards include Sunday Times best place to live, Conde Nast city of best architecture and in 2018 YouGov found that we are the nation’s favourite city. We are friendly, community-spirited, festive and summer-friendly – what’s not to like?

Find out more about working and living in the City of York here It's All York - Full Version - YouTube

Living and working in North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire is a thriving county that adapts to a changing world and remains a special place to live and work.

North Yorkshire's natural beauty is captured in its three areas of Outstanding Natural Parks, National Nature Reserves, stunning coastlines, scenic rural villages, vibrant cities and market towns. North Yorkshire really is a beautiful, thriving and special place to live and work, rich in heritage and culture.

North Yorkshire features significantly in the ten best places to live in the UK in Halifax Quality of Life Survey. The Quality of Life index aims to quantify where living standards are highest in the UK by ranking local performance across a range of indicators. Local areas featured in the top ten included Richmond, Selby and Malton.

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics bulletin positions North Yorkshire as the safest place in England with extremely low crime rates.

In addition, the county benefits from excellent road and rail links, with easy access via the east coast mainline, the A1(M) and A19. Leeds, York, Newcastle, Durham and Teesside are all easily commutable, and London and Edinburgh are just two hours away by train.

From its lively cities to pretty villages, rolling countryside and grand coastline, North Yorkshire has so much to offer including great employment opportunities for your family members, along with a higher proportion of schools which are good or outstanding compared to national figures.

You can find out more about what North Yorkshire has to offer on the No place like North Yorkshire website North Yorkshire - start planning your visit - VisitNorthYorkshire.com

Key Dates

Closing date:  12 May

Shortlisting date: 20 May

First Stage Assessment Event: 30 May (in person at the offices of North Yorkshire Council, Northallerton)

Final Interview: 3 June (in person at the offices of City of York Council in York)

Contact us and apply

For an informal confidential discussion about these opportunities, please contact Penny Keatings on 07811 411462 / Penny.Keatings@northyorks.gov.uk

Please submit one Word document that details a comprehensive CV, including current salary, and a supporting statement outlining your suitability for the role.

Applications should be emailed to Executive.ResourcingSolutions@northyorks.gov.uk

It is important that your written application fully addresses the experience criteria as detailed in the person specification.

You should include contact details for at least two referees, one of whom must be your current / most recent employer/engager. If you specifically do not wish referees to be approached without your permission, please indicate this.

We will remove your personal details from your application on receipt to enable anonymised shortlisting, therefore it is important that your application is made using one Word document. Please do not send PDF versions.

Please ensure that you have included both your work and home telephone contact numbers and e-mail addresses where applicable.

We believe in the importance of inclusion, which is why we are always working towards being a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive employer.

This is a politically restricted post and will require an enhanced Disclosure and Barring check and/or a security vetting check.

We will not accept applications nor services from agency suppliers.