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Search for a job

Read about the best ways of searching for a job.

The internet, and technology, have changed the way people search for and apply for jobs. However, the basic first steps are much the same.

Interpreting and understanding the job advert

On the face of it studying and understanding a job advert does not sound like a difficult task. However job adverts have changed in nature. Job adverts are exactly that - adverts - and therefore can use buzzwords and cryptic language to make the job sound the best it can be.

See these guides for more information on job adverts:

Searching for a job

The following can be used to find a new job:

Changing career

Whatever your reasons for a job change, it is important to consider your transferable skills, and experiences, and think about jobs you could do which might be different to your current role. You will need to review and consider vacancies by reading through the job description and person specification and match your existing skills to them, whether they have been gained at work or thorough other avenues.

Last updated: October 2019