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Applying for a job

Find out about applying for a job using a CV, along with a covering letter, or an application form.

Job applications

This involves studying the job advert and, if available, the job description and person specification. Preparing and submitting either the combination of a CV and covering letter or a specific application form. Generally speaking a CV and covering letter is preferred by the private sector, whilst most public sector employers use their own application forms. This content will focus on some guidance and top tips surrounding these areas as well as providing signposting to resources.

Your CV and covering letter

The purpose of your CV, and associated covering letter, is for you to demonstrate that you have the skills, behaviour and experience required for a specific role. To this end, you should use the information provided in the any advert, job description, supporting information, company website and, most importantly, person specification to ensure that you cover all relevant requirements.

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Application forms

As with your CV, the purpose of your application form is for you to display, to a prospective employer, that you have the skills, behaviour and experience that they require for you to be successful in the role they are advertising.

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Last updated: October 2019