Supporting staff in North Yorkshire

Change, for whatever reason, can be a stressful experience and at first it might seem that you don't know what to do. However, if you take some time to calmly think about your situation and what you can do about it, then things will seem much better. Indeed, this could be an excellent opportunity to change your career and lifestyle for the better.

North Yorkshire has low unemployment levels compared with a lot of the rest of the UK and as a result employers have to compete for the best candidates. Therefore employment opportunities are high, particularly for skilled workers.

This website provides you with the options available to you to move forward, as well as other choices available to you.

Getting a new job

Find out about job seeking, applications, interviews and starting a new role.


How retirement could work for you and how to make the transition from working.


Find out about volunteering and how you can gain new skills to help your career.


Find out about self-employment, including being a sole-trader or employer.

Leaving well

Find out how to leave your job and move on in the best way for you and your employer.

Additional support

Find key sources of information which you may find useful, or contact us for help.

Last updated: October 2019