Selby District Council Opportunities 

As we all look to move forward from challenging times, there are lots of good reasons to join us and continue Selby District’s success story:

Selby District means business

We’re seeing some big investments. Our businesses benefit from great road and rail connections across the UK. There’s significant new business space being built in the district and it’s more affordable than our big city neighbours. We’ve also got proven entrepreneurial spirit.

Selby District means opportunity

We’ve got a really well-qualified workforce. Highly skilled employees give companies more options when recruiting. We’re forecast the biggest population growth in North Yorkshire, which means a growing local workforce and more customers on your doorstep. People living in the district have more disposable income compared to neighbouring areas.

Selby District means home

We’ve got a high quality lifestyle. Home buyers get more for their money in our market towns and picturesque villages, which we are busy enhancing. We’re one of the safest areas in one of the safest counties in England. We’re home to a leading further education collage, our primary schools perform well and we’ve got a great independent school sector.

There is no better time to join Selby District Council and be a key part of delivering an exciting economic, regeneration and place agenda at the heart of Yorkshire. Selby District is a great place to be and to build your career!

The Selby District - at the heart of Yorkshire

The Selby District is a great place to do business because we’re super connected. Situated right at the heart of Yorkshire, we’re in the centre of the economic hubs of Leeds, Sheffield, York and Hull. We’ve got great road and rail connections to and from the whole of the UK and our companies benefit from fantastic transport links. We’re seeing significant investment in our rail services, with additional services using new and longer trains, and we are leading a major regeneration project around Selby station. Businesses can attract staff from a wide area and can distribute goods and services easily from a base within our district.

We’ve got big development sites with lots of new opportunities. Our creative hub at Church Fenton is part of Yorkshire’s rising importance in digital and technology industries, with the move of Channel 4 to the region too.

Sherburn2 is one of the most significant new business development sites in the north of England and the redevelopment of Kellingley Colliery is set to bring a boost of over £200m to Yorkshire’s economy.

We’re right at the heart of the UK’s green energy revolution. Our district is home to new investment in world-leading carbon capture technology that has the potential to revolutionise manufacturing across the UK and help us reach our carbon zero target by 2050. This is also supporting new investment in agritech in the district, which is the fastest growing industrial sector in the world.

Other companies are investing heavily in the Selby District, including L&G Homes at Sherburn to create a plant that will deliver high quality modular homes across the UK, supporting the drive for sustainable housing development. At Tadcaster, a town with a strong brewing tradition, Heineken have invested heavily in their John Smith’s plant, helping to create new good quality jobs.

The Selby District is a great place to do business because of our proven entrepreneurial spirit.

We’ve got a greater percentage of small businesses compared to neighbouring areas. This gives us a fantastic opportunity to support these to grow, bringing new jobs and opportunities and supporting sectors in which small companies thrive. It means our employment sector can be more flexible to meet the demands of a changing world.

We’ve got a really well-qualified local workforce. A third of people here are educated to degree level, which is on a par with the national average. Our education sector is high performing, with strong links into local businesses.

Selby College continues to be one of the best performing further education colleges in England. Most recently, the College has been given a top award for its BTEC education offer and is the top performing college in Yorkshire in terms of degree-level student satisfaction. This means companies can recruit the skills they need within the local area.

We’ve got the highest predicted population growth in North Yorkshire, which means a growing local workforce to support companies who are investing in new jobs. For local retailers and service industries, it means a growing base of potential customers. More people are moving to the area because of its location, availability of good quality housing and our quality of life, including good quality education.

More about living in Selby District...

People living in our area have more disposable income compared to neighbouring areas. House prices are generally lower and the income of our skilled workforce is generally high. This helps our businesses because their local customers have more money to spend.

Our quality of life - in our vibrant market towns and picturesque villages - supports businesses to attract and retain the best staff and we’re within easy reach of major population centres across the north. We have seen a renaissance in our market towns with significant new investment in high quality bars and restaurants and a wide range of new cultural events: for example, the year-long series of events to celebrate 950 years since the founding of the magnificent Selby Abbey. Our strong focus on place-making means that our town centres will see many enhancements and exciting new developments over the next few years.

Our area benefits from unspoilt countryside - ideal country for walking and cycling. Within just an hour’s reach we have three different national parks, alongside the Yorkshire Wolds and the world-renowned Yorkshire coast.

We’re one of the safest parts of one of the safest counties in England. This means we’re a great place for families to grow and people to stay for the long-term. People feel safe and secure, which means we can attract the best talent to support businesses based in this area. It also helps to foster a great community spirit which can be found in both our villages and market towns.

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